PHILOI international is a new program at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology (DSPT) in Berkeley, California, specifically designed to support the initial formation of Dominican brothers in accordance with the Ratio Studiorum Generalis. 

PHILOI equips students-intellectually and spiritually-to be an active part of the solution to the modern challenges.  PHILOI forms analytical thinkers who can cogently and effectively convey Dominican principles to world populations. PHILOI is a leading program to teaching student brothers how to consider such questions and how to frame effective responses through reason.

Admission and aid

  • Student brothers may apply to PHILOI once they: (to be evaluated in case-by-case basis)
    • have made simple profession
    • they hold the equivalent of bachelor’s degree
    • must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English sufficient to study in that language
  • Applying is a two-step process, the first of which is inquiry. Once candidates receive a response to their inquiry, an application may then be submitted
  • Student brothers in PHILOI program will enjoy community life at St. Albert Priory.

PHILOI snapshot

  • PHILOI is a full-time program (at least 9 units/semester) and candidates have the option to enroll as certificate students or degree students seeking a Master of Arts (MS) or Master of Divinity (MDiv).
  • Successful candidates will meet the requirements of both the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and DSPT.
  • Student brothers may also attend classes to fulfill the Ratio Generalis without enrolling in a program.

Read more on the pamphlet online and watch the video on Philoi International – DSPT