April 12, 2022
by Fr. Francis Orozco, O.P.
Lent is a season of preparation for Easter, for the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. But before the resurrection, comes the passion and death of Jesus. We’re in the last week of Lent and Jesus is telling us that things are going to ramp up quickly with a betrayal.

To be betrayed by someone is not fun, but we don’t realize how often we are the betrayer. We can tell ourselves, “I didn’t do what Judas did.” It’s true, but how often do we gossip, or talk behind someone’s back, or spread rumors, or make something up about someone else?

As we hear in the Gospel, Jesus was not surprised by the betrayal. Likewise, he is not surprised by our sins. What he desires is that we continue to return to him, that we keep approaching him without fear. Jesus desires us, he loves us! We have our own suffering, anxiety, and pain, Jesus wants to be a part of it. He lets us into his passion, don’t forget to let him into yours.