Albertinum Scholarships

The convent of St Albert the Great (the Albertinum) makes scholarships available to friars and sisters of the Order to come and study in Fribourg.

Why study theology in Fribourg?

  • The Dominicans have been present here since the foundation of the university in 1889 (at the Albertinum),then at the convent of St Hyacinth.
  • The presence of friars as teachers in the Faculty of Theology is guaranteed by an agreement between the State of Fribourg, the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, and the Order.
  • The teaching friars are working today within the Faculty on the founding of an Institute of Dominican Studies to further exchanges with other academic institutions of the Order.
  • The Faculty of Theology at Fribourg is a canonical faculty within a state university. Its Grand Chancellor is the Master of the Order. It issues degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral) both civil and canonical.

Teaching in the Faculty is guaranteed in French and German, but it is possible to write licentiate and doctoral theses in the three of the official languages of the Order.

You may download the ALBERTINUM SCHOLARSHIPS FLYERS below:

Provincials, regents of study, or superiors who wish to send friars or sisters to study in Fribourg can speak with the prior of the Albertinum: