Access conditions : There are no pre-requisites

Duration of the training : 12 months

The new “Introduction to Islamology” certificate is a joint course created by the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (IDEO, Cairo) and Domuni Universitas.

In 2021, Domuni and IDEO signed a partnership agreement to develop new online courses, create certificates in Islamology, master’s degrees in religious studies and other teaching and research projects.

IDEO, founded in 1953 in Egypt, is an institute for basic research on the sources of Arab-Muslim civilization. Currently headed by Dr. Emmanuel Pisani (op), its scholars are involved in various research projects in Egypt and the rest of the world. Together, they organize conferences, welcome people to study in its library. This library is considered to be a leader in the world of Islamic studies.

Most of these researchers will teach courses through Domuni’s DoMoodle study platform for an introduction to Islamology and also to the study of Arabic language.

The new certificate is credited with 30 ECTS and is composed of 5 courses of 6 ECTS.

Islam : beliefs, institutions (Dr. Emmanuel Pisani, op)
Contemporary Islam. Doctrines and currents of thought in the Arab world (
Sufism (Dr. Alberto Ambrosio, op)
Arabic, a human language chosen by God (Dr. Jean Druel, op)
The beginnings of Islam until the Abbasids

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