I. 10 full Scholarships (Faculties of Theology, Canon Law, Philosophy and Social Sciences)

  • Degree:
    • Licentiate and Doctoral degrees
  • Faculties:
    • Theology, Canon Law, Philosophy and Social Sciences
  • Availability:
    • To brothers already in solemn vows, preferably already ordained (in the case of clerical brothers)
    • For at least the next two academic years (2021-2023)
  • Coverage:
    • Cost of the academic fees
    • Full living accommodation and meals at the Priory of S. Domenico e S. Sisto (Angelicum) from 1st September to 30th June of each year
    • A modest monthly stipend
  • Exception:
    • The rest of the expenditures – trips from and to the Province and inside Italy – should be covered by the Province
  • To apply a candidate should submit the following:
  1. A simple CV with details about the background, age, ordination date if applicable, work, degrees
  2. A one paragraph statement of purpose of what degree they hope to study for in what Faculty
  3. A letter from the Regent of Studies or the Prior Provincial attesting to their academic capabilities
  4. A letter from the Prior Provincial stating that the candidate is a religious to be recommended who is in good standing
  5. A transcript of previous studies
  • The application with all these documents should be sent by 28th February 2021 to  The response to the presented requests will be given by the end of March.

II. 3 Full Scholarships (Thomistic Institute)

  • Three scholarships for doctoral studies available from the Angelicum Thomistic Institute for use in any of the four Faculties of the University (Theology, Canon Law, Philosophy, Social sciences).  
  • For information about these scholarships, please contact the Institute at

III. Partial Scholarships

  • The PUST is also able to offer partial scholarships that cover only the academic fees at the University. This scholarship cannot be obtained in the first semester but it may start with the second semester of the programme at the Angelicum.
  • For the details please contact Sister Collette O’Keane: