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Understanding the Old Testament as Christian Scripture

June 17 @ 8:30 am - June 20 @ 5:00 pm

Understanding the Old Testament as Christian Scripture

An International Symposium with a call for papers

17-20 June 2024
Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)

The field of modern biblical studies has given rise to a great deal of insight and a plethora of information about distinct, ancient writings that we traditionally call the Old Testament. Today, expert specialisation in regard to distinct books of the Bible and their composition is prevalent. However, it is also the case that ancient, medieval, and modern Christian theologians have understood the Old Testament to be a united source, consisting of different authors, styles and genres, and composed in different languages, yet all speaking in one symphonic way as the living Word of God.

How today, in a post-historical critical context can a Christian theology, informed by modern Biblical studies, recover a sense of the Old Testament in the Church and for the Church as the living Word of God fulfilled in Christ? How can it do so while acknowledging not only the human authorship of the Bible but also the way Christians engage in the Bible in conversation with the Jewish people, the secular world, and other non-Christian religious traditions? What does it mean to think about Israel, canon, and Christ?

This conference brings together a wide array of experts in biblical, patristic, and contemporary theology to reflect on Scripture as the root and source of Christian theology in an ecumenical context.

This conference is part of the Project for the Theological Reception of Scripture.

Main Session Speakers and Tentative Topics

Dale C. Allison (Princeton Theological Seminary): Jesus and the Jewish Bible

Gary A. Anderson (University of Notre Dame): On the Torah as a Christian Text

Lewis Ayres (Durham University): Towards a Scriptural Canon: On the Necessity of Unveiling

Amaury Begasse de Dhaem, SJ (Pontifical Gregorian University): The Correspondences Between the Two Testaments in Trinitarian, Christocentric and Apocalyptical Theology of History

Markus Bockmuehl (Oxford University): On the Past challenge and Present Task of Recovery of the Old Testament Christian Scripture

Hans Boersma (Nashotah House Theological Seminary): On the Christological Center of the Two Testaments

Serge-Thomas Bonino, OP (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas): Medieval Reception of the Old Testament as Canonical Scripture

Ignacio Carbajosa (Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso, Madrid): Israel, Bride of the Lord; Jesus Christ, Bridegroom of the Church

Sylvain Detoc, OP (l’Institut catholique de Toulouse): Irenaeus on Apostolic Teaching and Canonical Use of the Old Testament

Nathan Eubank (University of Notre Dame): Jesus’s Use of Old Testament Prophecy

Anthony Giambrone, OP (Ecole biblique de Jérusalem): Use of Old Testament Sacrifice and Redemption Texts in Early Christian New Testament Literature

Jennie Grillo (University of Notre Dame): Is Jesus Present in Israel and Her Scriptures?

Angela Kim Harkins (Boston College School of Theology and Ministry): Apocalypticism

Christopher Seitz (Toronto School of Theology – Wycliffe College): Reformed and Modern Catholic Controversies Regarding the Old Testament as Canon

Michael Sherwin, OP (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas): Tzedakah: Right Relationship with God, Prefigured and Fulfilled in the Scriptures

Andrew Summerson (Sheptytsky Institute, University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto): Greek Patristic Reception of the Old Testament as Canonical Scripture

Olivier-Thomas Venard, OP (Ecole biblique de Jérusalem): Reasonableness of Belief in Fulfilled Prophecy Today

Etienne Vetö, ICN (Pontifical Gregorian University): Who Are the People of God? The Old Testament, the Jews, and the Church

Thomas Joseph White, OP (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas): The Divine Senses of Humanity: Living Prophetic Inspiration and Apostolic Testimony in the Church

Conference Registration

There is no cost to attend. We do, however, ask that you please register in advance by clicking here.

Call for Papers

For afternoon breakout sessions, we are seeking papers. Paper presentations will be 30 minutes long followed by a brief question and answer period.

Some suggested session topics include:

  • Old Testament Eschatology
  • Christian Old Testament and Relations with Living Judaism
  • On the Theological Significance of the Septuagint
  • Christian Theological Hermeneutics and the Old Testament
  • Difficult Passages in the Old Testament
  • Problems of a Historical Canon in Ecumenical Perspective: Catholic and Protestant Conceptions of Canon
  • New Testament Apocalyptic and the Use of the Old Testament
  • The Old Testament Interpreted in New Testament Christology

Other topics will also be considered.

Abstracts of 500 words or less must be submitted by 30 September 2023 through this form. Abstracts and presentations may be in English or Italian.

For more information, you may open the PUST-Angelicum website link 


June 17 @ 8:30 am
June 20 @ 5:00 pm
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